On 3rd March, the Institute of Photonic Integration (IPI, formerly CORA Research Institute) of TU/e organized a cross-group seminar. Participants include PIs and students from systems group, device/platform group down to physics and materials groups. I represented our PhI group, and gave a pitch talk on our membrane platform developments, and raised discussions on future possibilities.

The unique features of InP membrane platform attracted significant interest from physicists and material researchers. The key advantage is that both active (like lasers) and passive (like gratings) photonic components can be realized with very high optical confinement in a single membrane. The high confinement allows for new opportunities in ultrafast dynamics, strong light-matter interactions and precisely controlled light beams.

What does it mean? It means you can put a new material, such as a nonlinear coating or a 2D material right on top of the membrane. And the strong coupling will do the rest! Or you can create ultra-small lasers and detectors up to the microwave/millimeter wave frequencies!

Currently our team is working hard on various of novel membrane devices to demonstrate these features. Looking forward to the results!


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