Z. Cao, R. Lu, Q. Wang, N. Tessema, Y. Jiao, H. P. A. van den Boom, E. Tangdiongga, and A. M. J. Koonen
Optics Letters, vol. 39, pp. 3402-3405, 2014.
Publication year: 2014


Optical true time delay (OTTD) is an attractive way to realize microwave beam steering (MBS) due to its inherent features of broadband, low-loss, and compactness. In this Letter, we propose a novel OTTD approach named cyclic additional optical true time delay (CAO-TTD). It applies additional integer delays of the microwave carrier frequency to achieve spectral filtering but without disturbing the spatial filtering (beam steering). Based on such concept, a broadband MBS scheme for high-capacity wireless communication is proposed, which allows the tuning of both spectral filtering and spatial filtering. The experimental results match well with the theoretical analysis.

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