Z. Cao, Y. Jiao, H.P.A. van den Boom, E. Tangdiongga and A.M.J. Koonen
17th Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter, Université de Mons, 29-30 Nov 2012, Mons, Belgium.
Publication year: 2012


Optical microwave beam-steering is of interest for broadband wireless communication and phased array radar. Traditionally the optical all-pass filter (OAPF) based on a micro-ring resonator (MRR) can only be used to manipulate group delay. Moreover, the requirement of lossless condition of the OAPF limits its potential of monolithic integration on an InP platform. To overcome this limitation and also to provide freedom for amplitude manipulation, a novel loss-control MRR is proposed for both group delay and amplitude manipulation. A mathematical model has been developed for analysis and simulations are carried out to study the proposed design.

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