Y. Jiao, V. Pogoretskii, J. van Engelen, N. Kelly, J. van der Tol
in the Compound Semiconductor Week (CSW 2019), 19-23 May 2019, Nara, Japan.
Publication year: 2019

Indium phosphide (InP) based photonic integration promises full optical functionalities (from amplification, modulation to
routing and detection) with high efficiency. Realizing nanophotonic circuitry in InP brings significant added values in density,
speed and energy efficiency. It is achieved by a thin InP membrane bonded on silicon (IMOS). By removing the substrate
and settling the InP membrane in a high-index-contrast environment, the waveguides show an order-of-magnitude reduction in
dimensions. Moreover the membrane concept allows for innovations in active diode designs. The membrane leaves two highquality
surfaces, one before and one after bonding to silicon, opening up a new degree of design and processing opportunities.
In this paper we review our recent development on the key building block, optical amplifier, and the continuous wave operated
membrane lasers enabled by it. Future work will seek to integrate more advanced components, such as >67GHz detectors,
polarization controllers and optical modulators in the same membrane.

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