K. A. Williams, E. A. J. M. Bente, D. Heiss, Y. Jiao, K. Ławniczuk, X. J. M. Leijtens, J. J. G. M. van der Tol, and M. K. Smit
Photonics Research, vol. 3, pp. B60-B68, 2015.
Publication year: 2015


InP integrated photonics has become a critical enabler for modern telecommunications, and is poised to revolutionize data communications, precision metrology, spectrometry, and imaging. The possibility to integrate high-performance amplifiers, lasers, modulators, and detectors in combination with interferometers within one chip is enabling game-changing performance advances, energy savings, and cost reductions. Generic integration accelerates progress through the separation of applications from a common technology development. In this paper, we review the current status in InP integrated photonics and the efforts to integrate the next generation of high-performance functionality on a common substrate using the generic methodology.

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