V. Pogoretskiy, J. van der Tol, and Y. Jiao
in the Compound Semiconductor Week (CSW 2019), 19-23 May 2019, Nara, Japan.
Publication year: 2019

Photonic integration on membranes is a promising solution to heterogeneously combine electronic and photonic functionalities
in a single chip. The InP membrane on Silicon (IMOS) platform is an advantageous solution for this, since it can integrate
all active and passive devices, such as lasers, detectors and high-index-contrast waveguides, in a single membrane layer. One of
the most important components of the platform is the low noise single mode laser. In this work we present a quarter-wavelength
shift single mode distributed feedback (DFB) laser with high side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) for the IMOS platform. The
DFB grating is defined on top of the semiconductor optical amplifier and has pitch of 240 nm for 1550 nm lasing wavelength.
Refractive index difference in single pitch is Δn=0.1 %. In order to the kL=4, the length of the laser should be 1 mm. The
laser has a 50 mA threshold current and 2.5 kA/cm2 threshold current density. The laser is featuring very high SMSR of 60 dB.
The maximum output power in the cavity is estimated to be 20 mW. High SMSR and low noise of the laser opens a number of
potential applications for coherent communication, spectroscopic sensing and optical metrology.

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