S. Reniers, J. van Engelen, K. Williams, J. van der Tol, and Y. Jiao
in the 21th European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO 2019), 24-26 April 2019, Ghent, Belgium. paper F.A2.3.
Publication year: 2019


We present waveguide photonic crystal reflectors on an InP-membrane-on-silicon (IMOS). Photonic crystal
holes are patterned on a waveguide using electron-beam lithography to create a broadband distributed Bragg
reflector. We show simulations of these reflectors and experimental results of fabricated devices, both showing
a high, free to choose reflectivity, and high quality factor Fabry-P´erot cavities. We experimentally show
reflectivities >90% for the reflectors and a quality factor as high as 11,4301,446 for a Fabry-P´erot cavity,
using reflectors with a length of only 4 microns.

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