The successful OFC conference last week at San Diego has brought indium phosphide (InP) material system back into the center of the stage. It is backed by several plenary and invited talks from the academic goroups, as well as the booming InP PIC companies. The information is clear: we need InP. The highest efficiency provided by InP-based light sources at telecom wavelengths is not replaceable in the foreseeable future. People can then build complex circuits around InP lasers, either with monolithic approach or hybrid integration method.

The future of InP PIC is for sure bright. The challenges lie among miniaturization, extreme in efficiency and speed, and compatibility with other material systems. It is certainly not easy to convince the whole community to accept, but it is showing the trend that more and more colleagues are accepting it and putting efforts into it.

To know what we are thinking and doing, please click links below for the plenary/invited talks from our PhI group:

Plenary talk by Prof. Meint Smit;      Interview Video with Prof. Meint Smit;

Invited talk by Prof. Kevin Williams.

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